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Devin Morgan is Founder & Food Geek at Eat Drink Law, a blog for craft food and beverage entrepreneurs and anyone who is passionate about innovation and growing small businesses. He started 3-Blazes to spread the word about the power of entrepreneurship and the importance of innovation at every level of business. He is the creator of 12 Things Every Business Should Do About Intellectual Property and Special Counsel at Hoffman Warnick LLC, where he handles trademark, patent, and other intellectual property matters for select clients.
10 02, 2016

Should You Start a Business Book Club?

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What’s the biggest limiting factor in any small business? What causes the most failure? Is it access to capital? Small markets or lack of customers? Inability to find the right employees, suppliers, or other resources? These all suck and can certainly be business ending. But they aren’t the root cause of business failure. And this [...]

26 01, 2016

Are You Reaching Your Goals?

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Do you make resolutions or set annual goals for your business and personal life? With the holidays past and a bit of New Year reflection, it’s the time of year when we think about how to make the coming year great. Or at least try to shed some pounds, yell less, or be more diligent [...]

4 01, 2016

New Year, New Eat Drink Law

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Why write a blog? That’s what’s been bothering me. It bothered me so much last year, that I just dropped out of writing. To all of you who had been following my writing on the craft food movement and business and legal issues for food & beverage entrepreneurs, I’m sorry and I’m back. You’ve probably [...]

27 02, 2015

Selling Your Food Business? This Checklist goes to 11

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If you are growing a substantial food business, there will come a time to sell.  This might come early, when you sell off a portion of your company to investors for cash to fuel your growth.  Or this might come late, when you’ve taken things as far as you want to and it’s time to [...]

20 02, 2015

Fine Comfort Food on a Cold Night (New World Bistro Bar-Albany, NY)

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My wife and I are a bit crazy about movies.  With two kids it is hard to keep up like we did when we were younger, so when awards season rolls around we are always way behind.  Conveniently, the run up to the Academy Awards generally coincides with Valentine’s Day and my in-laws are kind [...]

13 02, 2015

The New American Gastronomy

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In preparation for my upcoming trip to Paris, I’ve been reading a book on the rise of French cuisine, looking for an explanation of why French food is so influential in world cuisine.  I will spare you the details of what I’ve learned so far (I will probably do a book review for the blog [...]

6 02, 2015

Beer Flavors for Beginners (Southern Tier Fuse Box)

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So, when most people start drinking beer, their initial challenge is to decide whether or not they like “beer flavor”.  I’ll admit, when I first tried beer as a youth, I did not like “beer flavor” as represented by mass-market American lagers.  It wasn’t until I discovered craft beer that I actually became a beer [...]

30 01, 2015

Been Caught Stealing? Copyright on the Internet

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If you are serious about your business, you have a website.  Even if you don’t really sell or advertise on the web, a website is an important tool that people use to check out your business and see if you are real.  In the craft food & beverage space, your brand can be won or [...]

16 01, 2015

Eating Across Manhattan

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I was invited to speak at a SlowMoney NYC gathering in Manhattan earlier this week.  There were a number of other folks that I wanted to connect with as well in the city, so Ethan and I decided to make a day of it.  It was a beautiful, if a bit chilly, day and seemed [...]

31 12, 2014

IP Showdown: Patents versus Trade Secrets

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It’s the end of the year and time for a showdown, IP-style.  If you’ve been paying attention at all, you know that trade secrets can be pretty important for food businesses.  Most recipes, formulations, and manufacturing processes are held as trade secrets.  You can learn how here.  But once in a while, a food entrepreneur [...]