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15 10, 2014

What is Intellectual Property?

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Did you realize that most attorneys can’t even identify the four most common areas of Intellectual Property Law?  It’s one of the reasons I get a little edgy when people go to general practitioners for advice on patents, trademarks, copyrights, or trade secrets.  Most attorneys are wise enough to steer clear of areas of law [...]

4 10, 2013

You Will Be Sued, Understand Why

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Whether it is a knock on your door or an official looking envelope in the mail, it is a physical blow when you receive the complaint, the document that announces you have been sued. A knot in your stomach, nausea, a rising heart rate as you realize that it is time to fight (or flee). I still [...]

27 09, 2013

What Laws Matter to Small Business?

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“Business Owners Under Investigation for Fraud” “Restaurant Closed for Health Violations" “Company Shuts Down Despite Lawsuit Victory” We have all seen headlines like this. The law kills businesses. In a few cases, it does so because the business is hurting people through fraud or some other illegal conduct. Other times, it is failure to comply with regulatory standards [...]