VIDEO: 12 Things Every Business Should DO About IP, PART 4

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VIDEO: 12 Things Every Business Should DO About IP, PART 4

Intellectual Property is complicated, but every food entrepreneur can master it in 12 easy steps.  You have IP.  But do you have a strategy for making the most of it?  Strategy is about aligning your IP investment and stewardship with your plans for growing your business.  Do patents make sense for you?  How does IP impact your business relationships?  Are you getting the best deals with your customers, suppliers, and partners?  Could IP drive a joint venture or an entire new product or income stream for your business?  This video help you take your thinking about Intellectual Property to the next level and find ways to really move the needle for your business.  It includes 3 action steps you can take right now.

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This is Part 4 of a 4 part Eat Drink Law video blog series, focused on developing a meaningful, long-term IP strategy for your business.  Part 1 was about owning intellectual property.  Part 2 covered building and protecting your brand.  Part 3 was about  the relationship between your IP and that of your customers, suppliers, and competitors.

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Devin Morgan is Founder & Food Geek at Eat Drink Law, a blog for craft food and beverage entrepreneurs and anyone who is passionate about innovation and growing small businesses. He started 3-Blazes to spread the word about the power of entrepreneurship and the importance of innovation at every level of business. He is the creator of 12 Things Every Business Should Do About Intellectual Property and Special Counsel at Hoffman Warnick LLC, where he handles trademark, patent, and other intellectual property matters for select clients.

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